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Welcome to Skooters website...'The Local' courier/removal company established in 2002!
Whilst we pride ourselves on serving 'local' people, we are able to cover all of the UK and Europe!
We have contacts beyond there and so a Worldwide service is not beyond our scope!
We operate 'direct'. We do not employ/use any 3rd party carrier except our own fleet...'door to door'!
This ensures YOU have direct contact/control of YOUR goods and services at all times!
Skooters have been partnering local businesses with a National pallet distribution service for 10 years!
We have established excellent 'track records' with them for you to approach as 'references' if required.
Click the 'customer' button to see more!

Our operation is built to be 'responsive' within 1 hour! 'Emergency' deliveries are our 'normal' business!
You will find us friendly and flexible to meet the 'situation'!

We operate a 24/7 service so call anytime!
Thanks for visiting and all enquiries will be dealt with promptly
...ask for Sooty on the mobile or leave a message on the land line if we are all out doing our job!

For those looking for 'limousine' information...
Skooters DO NOT HIRE LIMOUSINES to the general public any longer...but know a lot about the 'industry'!
Click here for the latest 'unstretched truth' on that service NATIONWIDE!x

Tel: 01487 840344 - Mob:+44(0)752 1042699
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